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ISEKY Binance AMA Sharing: A Unique WEB3 Project


Recently, KlossChen, the founder of ISEKY, conducted an AMA on Binance, attracting nearly 100,000 viewers.

During the AMA, KlossChen shared some information about ISEKY's plans. He mentioned that the name ISEKY comes from ISEKAI+fantasy, and the logo of ISKEY is a technological slime, the smallest crystal produced by the combination of technology and another world, which can continuously become stronger in this other world until it becomes a protagonist. This is actually the culture of ISEKY's product, as ISEKY's product is a process of continuous growth, and the fantasy of ISEKY's other world is a story of many slimes combined together to become powerful.


Regarding ISEKY's project planning, KlossChen hopes to develop and launch a WEB3 product recognized internationally within two years: ISEKY SOUL GPS, and develop it into a complete open world game in the next three years. In addition, ISEKY will also simultaneously launch other independent projects, such as ISEKY: Soul Mate, which is a desktop pet combining large language models on both ends, expected to be launched in June this year. NFTs issued in March can be adopted as pets. Similar independent projects will be launched by the ISEKY team every six months until ISEKY SOUL GPS is launched.


KlossChen also explained ISEKY's new issuance model. He said: ISKEY will issue 6,000 Goddess Invitation NFTs and 700 King's Invitation NFTs at the beginning of March this year.

The Goddess Invitation is a draw ticket for a character from another world, which can be used to draw a character NFT and an exclusive avatar from another world, and in this character NFT, some tokens that ISKEY will issue in the future will also be recorded. After the sale ends, ISKEY will repurchase the Goddess Invitation at a price of 0.1 ETH, which is also a guarantee for users' investment. The King's Invitation is an event NFT for the "King's Game" theme event, and users who become kings have the power to issue the Goddess whitelist. Users who obtain the Goddess whitelist can spend 0.09 ETH to MINT the Goddess Invitation. After the event ends, the king will not only receive a commemorative item for the king's identity but also receive an airdrop of the Goddess Invitation.


It is reported that currently, ISEKY's Discord has gathered 30,000 users interested in this fantasy world, and the next step for ISKEY is to continue to iterate its co-creation platform.KlossChen hopes to marketize some AIGC models by the end of this year and provide 2-3 tools to users by mid-next year, allowing users to compile scripts or models and collaborate with ISEKY SOUL GPS to co-create this WEB3 world of otherworldly metaverse.

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