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Meishe Network Technology launched the latest video automatic color correction solution


At present, the epidemic situation in China has improved, but it is still serious abroad. Under the catalysis of the epidemic, the short video industry has become the "food for the soul" recently and is undergoing the new opportunities and changes, which also makes the competition among various platforms intensified. Traditional short video platforms are constantly changing to attract users, while other industry platforms have launched short video functions to enrich community content, attract new users, and increase user activity. The purpose is to provide users with more convenient and easy-to-use authoring tools to attract users to produce quality original content.

As a provider of intelligent video and audio solutions, Meishe Network Technology has recently launched a video automatic color correction solution.               

With the upgrade of mobile devices, people have higher requirements on the color quality of shooting and watching videos. Generally, in order to ensure the final color quality of the video, professional color correction will be carried out after shooting. People can adjust the video brightness, contrast, color, sharpness, color temperature and other aspects to make up for the video picture quality defects caused by the lack of environment, equipment and experience, as well as to correct the video display effect by modifying and optimizing the non-stylization color palette, so as to improve the image color quality and look and feel.

The original image

Automatic color correction

The latest video automatic color correction algorithm launched by Meishe Network Technology is to analyze the screen content and a variety of key picture quality indicators to intelligently calculate the best parameters of each color matching algorithm, to adjust the one-button drive exposure, saturation, black spots and other parameters. It can quickly complete professional-grade image and video color correction, including HSV and RGB color space adjustment, color suppression, color inversion, exposure control, and tonal separation, without losing the original image details. Interactive adjustment of Gamma, gain, offset, hue, saturation, and contrast can be performed. It can apply the above settings to all channels or independently to R, G and B channels, enabling primary and secondary color correction and achieving multilevel fine color balance in one adjustment.

The advantages of the automatic color correction solution products:

1. Mobile terminal solution:

Designed for mobile terminals, automatic color correction can be completed without network

2. Shooting & editing:

Both shooting and editing can be done in real time

3. Low power consumption:

Minimal resource usage and smooth use on low configuration devices

4. Professional color proofreading:

Broadcasting industry standard, professional adjustment effect

5. Rich functions:

It has 14 parameters covering all aspects of the color correction

6. Manual adjustment:

Not only can the automatic color correction be completed, but also the parameters can be manually adjusted

This solution can be applied to mobile APP, smart phone, smart hardware, radio and television, medical treatment, education, real estate and communication operators and other customers in the whole industry.

At present, the products include video shooting and editing SDK, intelligent editing solution, smart phone solution, face + beauty/sticker solution, cloud editing, virtual anchor, video packaging customized design and other services. Its full process from shooting to editing covers all the current mainstream video gameplay. Has a flexible technical architecture, using multithreading and GPU, CPU cooperative preprocessing mechanism, natural language processing algorithm and other technologies. In China, it has been highly recognized by head customers in various fields such as MIUI, OPPO, VIVO, Cheetah Mobile, Bilibili, Migu, Inke, KEEP, FANG.COM and Little red lip. At present, the products have filled the gap of mobile intelligent audio and video solutions in the overseas market. Now it has provided in-depth technical services with local Internet companies in the United States, South Korea, India, Singapore and other countries, and has been well received by tens of millions of overseas users.

Meishe Network Technology will make use of the advantages of traditional video and audio processing technology to provide developers with more innovative ways to play and imagine, empower more industries, apply to a wider range of scenarios, and achieve cross-platform value in the future.

Company Name: Beijing Meishe Network Technology Co., Ltd.

Person: Miranda

Phone: 0086+15801332014

Email: zhaojing@cdv.com

Website: http://www.meishesdk.com            

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