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What Makes Unicoine So Popular?


On the 17th, Bloomberg News interviewed FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried and FTX President Brett Harrison. The content mentioned the crypto industry, stable currencies, and other regulatory issues.

On Regulatory Issues

Over the past few weeks, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has become more outspoken in its attempts to regulate cryptocurrency exchanges more. When faced with much public opposition, the SEC appears to be moving more aggressively and pressing for more comprehensive guidelines for cryptocurrency exchanges. Brett Harrison is a strong supporter of the regulators’ actions, saying they are necessary. According to him, it is easier to operate in an environment where reasonable rules have been established and innovation is encouraged.

 About Stable Cryptocurrency

 The Treasury Department and other federal agencies are about to decide whether the Financial Stability Oversight Council will review stable currencies and impose stricter oversight, according to a report from Bloomberg. Given the utility of cryptocurrencies, it would be quite pathetic if the U.S. were to ban them altogether, Sam said. The use of cryptocurrencies can be quite effective in transferring funds and injecting funds into trading accounts.

  Brent Harrison also pointed out that cryptocurrencies can still add a lot of value to the system and that they can easily interact with everything in the crypto industry. If the government interferes too much, it will greatly reduce the efficiency of using cryptocurrencies.

This shows that our market is gradually becoming more and more regulated, for the trading process is becoming more and more professional and the trend of quantitative trading is booming. The market is undergoing the process of survival of the fittest. Even if you disagree with its values and concepts, a deeper understanding of it will enable you to make more informed investment decisions.

The unicoine enterprise is a great trading platform in the digital currency market. We answer a few questions below in response to questions from investors.

Investors: Our primary concern is the safety of funds

unicoine:First of all, let's clarify the factors that influence the security of digital currency automated trading software

How to judge the security of digital currency automatic trading software

1. The safety of digital trading funds.

Investors' digital assets need to enter the trading market through a trading platform with a strong and secure enterprise-level wallet and a good credit rating. Otherwise, if the platform transfers assets, investors will not be able to recover their investment.

2. Market risk in digital trading.

The development trend of digital assets is influenced by many factors. One is that there is no limit to price fluctuations, and price movements cannot be easily controlled. On the other hand, the influx of many retail digital assets has created significant opportunity for malicious collusion, misleading investing, and price manipulation.

3. High leverage risk in digital trading.

In more regulated financial markets such as foreign exchange, leverage would be kept within reasonable limits. Juhui's international platform GGFX has a leverage ratio of 100 times and can trade as low as $8, which effectively eliminates the risk of leveraged transactions on foreign exchange market. However, in digital asset trading due to the lack of investor access and leverage restrictions, retail investors will be at high risk of loss.

4. Cyber security risk.

For digital currency trading platforms, the most uncertain risks come from large volumes of transactions and external attacks.

unicoine:Information about unicoine companies and unicoine skills

Unicoine is a global leader investment and finance company that supports usdt cargo trading, reducing energy input by de-manualizing token speculation; it is also a cluster company for low-risk and high-yield projects, with a de-platform, no investment, and an intelligent financial management system.

Unicoine skills

1. All-round quantitative AI moving mechanism

2. Stable benefit operation regardless of bear or bull markets

3. Low risk and high return, stable monthly benefit of 5%-35%

4. Variety of stability developed by a professional virtual currency trading team 

5. Trading benefit model and omni potency of trading strategy

6.AI quantitative moving robot

Investors: How does unicoine differ from other software?

unicoine:Its advantages of unicoine's automatic quantitative trading

Unicoine automated quantitative trading will increase the speed of trading and improve performance with its robot trading that processes data immediately and automates digital currency trading anytime, 24 hours a day. The machine will act immediately after the indicator signals. It can set strategies, so users will have less workload without fatigue. In addition, it can monitor multiple cryptocurrency portfolios at the same time to increase revenue.

Investors: Why should I choose Unicoine?

unicoine:There is a difference between ordinary investors and those with unicoine quantitative system

Ordinary investors:

1. Limited time and energy

2. rely on intuition from decision to execution

3. Blindly believe in indicators, lack of scientific investment planning

4. Limited ability to collect information and complicated calculation

5. Affected by emotions, analysis and judgment easily fall into the trap of self-thinking

Hold unicoine quantitative system:

1. Advantages of the rules for investors' earnings

2. Daily income during the cycle can be received

3. more reasonable position allocation, capital

4. More efficient use

5. Each invite a new user to top up $ 80, two people each return $ 8

6. Decision-making execution is not subject to emotional interference

7. Trading efficiency is far better than manual trading

8. Each withdrawal only charges $1 commission, the minimum withdrawal of $5

In light of the above content, I believe that everyone now knows why unicoine is so popular. Unicoine is a de-platformed, investment-free, and concise intelligent financial system that can help you trade more rationally and efficiently, and increase the speed of trading, improve performance, process data in a timely manner 24 hours a day, and automate digital currency trading. The machine will act immediately after the indicator signals. It can set strategies, so users will have less workload without fatigue. In addition, it can monitor multiple cryptocurrency portfolios at the same time to increase revenue. You can consult us with other questions.

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