• Its fragrance drifts overseas, why is Fen Liquor the most competitive?

    The international liquor trade is a long-standing hot topic, but it is not easy to achieve a real industry lead with a breakthrough product, the true reason is that globalization is not a one-way street, but a combination of two new trends.
  • Democracy summit, undemocratic practices

    Democracy in essence is guarantor of inclusiveness, equal opportunities and respect for diversity. It strives to ensure the dignity and peaceful coexistence. Thus, democracy is considered the fundamental human right and need of every human being to grow and live in a peaceful environment. Human history and historical events also point towards the same direction. Although, it is universal good, but every nation and society try to define the democracy according to their own believes and values. The nations try to mold the democracy serve the people in the context of national realities, values an
  • Biden’s ‘Summit for Democracy’ Will Not Make America Safer

    Sascha Glaeser is a Research Associate at Defense Priorities. He focuses on U.S. grand strategy, international security, and transatlantic relations. He holds a Master of International Public Affairs and a Bachelor's in International Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
  • Renowned E-Sports Sponsor Reaches Cooperation Agreement with DOTA2 Giants Club

    The world of gaming is changing day by day, in addition to the well-known League of Legends and Glory of Kings, there are also many different gaming games. There are also some who are working hard to compete for their expertise, and Virtus.pro is no surprise, for the club's widely known CSGO and DOTA2 schedule continues to work hard. A few days ago, it was rumored that a famous gaming sponsor from China is interested in cooperating with Virtus.pro club to continue to shine with them on the road of their gaming dreams.
  • CSGO Veteran Team and Chinese E-Sports Sponsors Join Hands to Break into New Tournament

    As we all know, the official recognition of e-Sports in China came on November 18, 2003, when the State General Administration of Sports officially approved e-Sports as the 99th official sporting event. With the rise of e-Sports in China, and the emergence of clubs all over the world, there was a rumor that a new e-Sports platform sponsor was working with Russian e-Sports club Virtus.pro to create a better tournament for the future, and now this rumor has been confirmed to be true.
  • March Together! The former King of the Eredivisie Joins Forces with Juli Sports to Set Off Again

    Recently, Juli Sports completed the signing ceremony of the sponsorship agreement with Feyenoord Football Club, the Champions League Winners club, and the former king of the Eredivisie. The Juli Sports’ brand name is stationed in the team's Rotterdam home stadium!
  • Juli Sports Successfully Sponsors One Of The Three Giants Of Eredivisie!

    Here comes the blockbuster news! With solid brand value and powerful enterprise-strength, Juli Sports successfully won the top club in Eredivisie, Feyenoord Rotterdam, one of the three giants of Dutch football. In the future, Juli sports will gallop across Eredivisie!
  • Blockbuster! Huili Sports Successfully Signs Molde FK

    The signing ceremony of the sponsorship agreement marked Huili Sports’ successful acquisition of Molde FK, the parent club of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. In future matches, athletes of Molde FK are expected to be seen playing in Huili Sports’ shirts.
  • Huili Sports Cooperates With Molde FK To Start A New League Journey

    It is officially announced that Huili Sports, as a top sports and entertainment brand, has reached a sponsorship agreement with Molde FK from the Norwegian League. Model FK, garbed in an outfit resembling Huili Sports, will go on the expedition to the league in the future!

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GDU SAGA drone Assists Spanish Police Urging Citizens to Stay Home


"Please leave the park", "go home", "please stay at home". After the Spanish Prime Minister announced on the 14th that the 15-day strict shutdown policy will be implemented across the country, the country's police also used drone patrols to call for people to stay at home and not go out.

"The health department advised, please go home and leave the park." A video released by the BBC on the 15th showed that Madrid police in Spain used drones to patrol the park and ask the crowd gathered in the park to leave. It is reported that the drone manufacturer is from Shenzhen, China. The drone used by Madrid Police in Spain this time is the drone GDU SAGA owned by GDU-Tech Co., Ltd. During the coronavirus outbreak, the Spanish police adopted GDU SAGA with a megaphone. In addition to the fire alarm sound and car whistle sound, the megaphone can also realize real-time voice conversation. The effective transmission range is up to 300m. It is widely used in public safety, police law enforcement and other scenarios. In addition, GDU SAGA is compatible with a variety of payloads, which can also carry infrared camera to carry out long distance accurate temperature measurement of the crowd. In addition, GDU SAGA, the product of GDU-Tech Co., Ltd, reached cooperation with government around the world to effectively assists the prevention and control of the coronavirus in each country.

According to data released by the Spanish Ministry of Health at 11:30 on the 15th, there were 2000 new positive coronavirus cases diagnosed in Spain compared to the previous day at 12 o'clock, and a total of 7753 confirmed cases, of which 288 died and 382 were critically ill. Spanish Prime Minister Sanchez announced on the 14th that in order to curb the spread of coronavirus, Spain will now implement a strict 15-day shutdown policy across the country. Under strict shutdown policy the Spanish people cannot leave their homes except in certain circumstances. Specific situations include the purchase of necessities such as food, medicine, medical treatment, and travel to the workplace.


Police use drones to enforce movement restrictions in Spain's fight against the coronavirus infection. On Saturday, the country's 47 million citizens were ordered to stay indoors except for necessary trips. Social gatherings were banned.


Spanish police used drones to urge people to stay home amid a national lockdown due to COVID-19 outbreak


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