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Double Q has swept the world. Why can Double Q let so many top institutions cooperate with it?



Double Q always puts users first, and we always adhere to this principle when creating marketing solutions and products. Why is this? Because we have found that an advertising experience that is valuable to users in turn also brings value to businesses.

Double Q avoids newspaper and magazine advertisements, TV advertisements, and outdoor advertisements in the traditional sense. It is difficult for traditional advertisements to burst out creative sparks under extremely limited channels and fixed mechanisms, and create a truly touching advertising effect. However, Double Q drives everyone The strong attack of this kind of new media has renewed the broad development space of modern advertising.

1. Double Q gathers top institutions to seize the international track

The epidemic disrupted normal work and life, but accelerated the dominant trend in the video industry. During the epidemic, cable TV users continued to decline, and video advertising content gradually replaced traditional cable TV. As people spend more and more time at home, users will continue to spend more time watching videos than expected.

Global pay TV revenue reached a peak of US$202.0 billion in 2016 and will fall to US$152 billion by 2025 (Source: Digital TV Research).

However, paid content is quietly changing

Streaming media is consuming more and more content from paid and ad-supported channels. New subscription services launched by traditional TV giants such as Disney and NBC are bringing more traditional TV households into the digital future. In this "fragmented" and rapidly growing market, the success of brand and media owners depends on their ability to focus and invest strategically.

This is also the reason for the global rise of Double Q's market. From the perspective of management scale, it has surpassed the scale of any video content, and the birth of Double Q is also derived from this. The starting point of the track is to enter the next golden track. Become the world's number one video advertising market.

Facing this blue ocean market, Double Q calls on more creators, advertisers, video platforms, etc. to join it.

Traditional advertising has always been associated with young people who are willing to explore, but according to the latest report, this view may have to be overturned.

The tipping point: In the United States, 40% of adults are consumers of video platforms. In Europe’s largest market, the video platform’s ratings have reached 50%, which represents 61.5 million households. 68.5% of consumers in the Asia-Pacific region often watch video platforms, and video platforms are becoming more and more popular in more developed markets such as Japan, Singapore, and Australia.

Age is not important: video platform audiences are more mature than expected. The average age in the United States is 45 years old, in Europe is 43 years old, and the Asia-Pacific region is relatively young, with an average age of 32 years old.

The streaming media war is in full swing, and many streaming media platforms have been launched one after another. Coupled with the epidemic, the ratings of streaming media have almost doubled in the past year. However, users have become more and more open to "paid subscription". They have begun to look for free or low-cost advertising-supported video-on-demand alternatives, because the pressure on the wallet is increasing, which is why Double Q is invested by top institutions.

2. Double Q cooperates with top international art advertisements to create unlimited possibilities!

One of the more practical scenarios in Double Q is that it is expected to introduce more institutional culture in the fourth quarter of 2021. From the perspective of advertising, Double Q, as a leader in video advertising, has recently cooperated with MS Rau, Tim Bowen Antiques, and Mike. Wolf and other world's largest art institutions reached strategic cooperation.

MS Rau, Tim Bowen Antiques, and Mike Wolf contain antique artworks from 7 European countries and works of well-known domestic artists on display, with a total value of more than tens of millions. Some artworks in the exhibition hall will use Double Q technology to create advertisements.

In addition, Double Q will also establish a foundation with Green European Art Hall to popularize culture and history. Members watching advertising time will become an incentive reward.

3. Double Q joins forces with institutions to give birth to a new era of world revolution

As a major participant in the recent advertising industry gathering development summit in 2020, Double Q chain has emerged, and has united with famous international companies such as Fellows, PHILLIPS and CHRISTLE'S to formulate a global online video content business, achieving stable growth from 2014 to 2020, and the market The scale is expected to exceed US$4 billion in the next four years. This provides a huge opportunity for Double Q to attract major platform partners in the market. Although it has not yet been announced, the author was informed before the deadline that Double Q has successfully signed strategic partnership agreements with at least six international organizations. From the perspective of Double Q's reformative business model, its video advertising business is bound to be favored by many organizations.

Innovation is the first driving force, and Double Q represents the future of cultural cross-border output. As the core area of human civilization, Double Q will activate innovation momentum in the next step, and further create a global innovation frontier, empowering industry highland, and integrated vitality space led by video creation; focus on cultivating creators’ emerging formats and strengthen the industrial chain Connecting and interacting upstream and downstream, creating a competitive video industry cluster, and driving the overall transformation and upgrading of the industry; fully supporting the commercial, political, and civilian development of the video advertising business, and accelerating the use of video in finance, Internet of Things, digital healthcare, modern logistics, and government services We will strive to build the Double Q Ecological Zone into a "world-class video industry museum" through the integration of multi-field and multi-scenario demonstrations.

4. the storm of video advertising sweeping the world

Double Q has created more opportunities for global cultural output. It is derived from the carrier of commercial media, creating efficient communication channels for users and brands, and finally forming a more transparent industrial system, allowing all participants including consumers, brands and third parties (insurance And appraisal experts) can benefit.

Among them, an important aspect is that Double Q can make business culture more transparent.

We don’t know when the wheel of history will roll over, but maybe this time, the Double Q model that will change the world will be born from the video advertising market. The birth of Double Q will not only let us know, but also let people around the world know what media culture is. The recorder, this is the common wealth of all mankind, let us wait and see!

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