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    May saw a major change in the Southeast Asian media market with the arrival of wozmara.
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    Metaverse Federation and Metaverse Federation University and the Meta Time together announced that “Meta One” will officially launch for mobile App on May 20th, 2022!
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    In the context of the epidemic, unemployment rates have continued to rise globally, especially in developing countries.
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  • KOK Margin Trading Support on Kucoin

    Global content platform "KOK PLAY" announced on the 3rd that its cryptocurrency "KOK Token" has been confirmed for margin transactions on global exchange, Kucoin.
  • KOK Coin Listed on US Exchange Crypto.com

    KOK wallet is now available on the large US exchange “Crypto.com”, which boasts its own platform-designated DeFi wallet boasting the capacity to manage more than 100 coins simultaneously.
  • Boosting Mutual Learning among Civilizations & Promoting Religious Unity

    Political, business and academic leaders have come together at Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference 2022 from April 20 to 22 to explore the future path of development in Asia and world. With the theme of “Moon over the Rivers, Beauty and Harmony - Civilizations Flourish through Communication & Convergence”, the Religious Leaders’ Dialogue, a breakdown session of Boao, gathered world religious leaders and cultural elites for a conversation on the communication, peaceful co-existence and harmonious development of various religions and civilizations in a bid to contribute Chinese religious wisdo
  • CoolMining tokens are now available on KuCoin, NFT marketplace also went live

    CoolMining, the world’s first on-chain simulation game that is built upon real-life hash power and the world’s only GameFi that rewards players with actual BTCs, announces that its NFT marketplace has gone live. CoolMing’s hashrate and governance token CoolHash (COOHA) is also officially listed on KUcoin exchange and available for trading, pairing USDT.
  • World Religious Leaders Meet in Boao to Empower Peaceful Development

    "It’s essential for major religions around the world to promote tolerance amid differences and maximize common ground in communications. Building partnerships for concerted effort represents the sole solution to defeating the pandemic and ending the wars." On the morning of April 22, the Religious Leaders’ Dialogue was held at the 2022 Boao Forum for Asia. Religious leaders from the East and West and renowned scholars shared their observations and reach consensus on religious mutual learning, contributing their part to advancing global peace and development in the post-pandemic era.

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While top GameFis are experiencing crisis, where is the turning point? Elven World rises as a game changer!


“There are two paths to the future of mankind, either towards interstellar civilization or towards the virtual world of VR technology — the metaverse. ”

As the pioneer of the metaverse sector, GameFi is a bottom-up revolution in nature. The future of GameFi will be extremely optimistic, but the current development has only just begun, not only that there are many challenges, but it is a long way to go.What’s the current state of GameFi industry?

First Stage: Carnival

The natural anti-monopoly attributes, ultra-high topicality and liquidity nature of GameFi make it an object of pursuit for the rich. When high liquidity has just emerged, speculators and hypers quickly became the first group of revelers. GameFi such as BinaryX have taken the lead and attracted the attention of many people. However, in DeFi, the nature of the income obtained from staking is to provide liquidity for DEX. It is illogical that a large number of GameFi has begun to provide amazing income from staking, even when DEX is unavailable.

Second stage: Destruction

Today, the GameFi is in this second stage. The currency market has been sluggish, with the overall decline in the GameFi sector. Transaction volume has maintained a downward trend, and the number of users has also declined to various degrees. First, the GameFi giant Axie Infinity fell back, and the collapse of BnbhHeroes caused panic in the market. This is because most of the current GameFis focus on making money and ignoring incentives for their users, which will lead to the dilemma of losing users once the price of their tokens drops sharply. On the contrary, Elven World was built from the users’ perspective, and has adhered to the principles and solidified the foundation during the Carnival stage: users are not limited by the early and late admission times.

Third stage: Nirvana

In fact, only real good projects will stand out after the bubble bursts, at the same time, allowing real value investors and users to join the project at a lower cost. There is no doubt that Elven World is one of those projects!

【What is the Elven World? 】

Elven World is a 3D strategic turn-based encrypted GameFi that can be easily controlled,and the closest we have to metaverse. It will establish a community-driven "NFTs+DeFi+Games" ecosystem. Through NFTs, DeFi and game will be combined in the GameFi system, incorporating functions such as PvP (Player-to-Player)combat,  PvE (Player-to-Environment) combat, equipment forging, free trade, and NFTs collection.

【The gaming world of the Elven World】

At present, most of the game modes in the GameFi market are relatively simple, Elven World has made many changes in the gameplay, which is no longer the boring and monotonous gameplay of traditional games. Elven World not only has traditional 3D strategic turn-based GameFi with PvP combat, PvE combat, free trading, character development, and equipment forging, but there are also equipment enchantment, map exploration, AR treasure hunting, dungeon gameplay, official events, and other more playable game mechanics.

Elven World has built a grand world of elves. Players play as the leaders of the elf tribes in Elven World, namely mages, priests, warriors, archers, and assassins. They upgrade and develop the elves through equipment and enchanting stones, command the elves of their tribe to fight and develop under the inspiration of the elf goddess.

Elven World also introduced 6 “types” of equipment as props: weapons, headgears, wings, clothes, shoes, and pets. Elves improve their attributes by wearing equipment. Players are presented with one warrior elf, by default. Players can get more equipment through airdrop or trading on the Marketplace. Players can generate new equipment by forging old equipment. The newly forged equipment can be worn by the elf of the corresponding occupation, or sold on the market to get profit, depending on each player’s needs. Skill cards are cards that elves can use to release their skills to fight in a battle. Players can increase the level of skill cards by devouring equipment to increase their damage and skill effects.

In addition, the equipment can be enchanted with enchanting stones, and fused enchanting stones of the same occupation can become a higher-level enchanting stone with more powerful attributes. Enchanting stones can also be obtained from airdrop, opening Mysterious Crystal (blind box), or purchasing directly from other players on the trading market.

【Play-To-Earn — Earn while playing and say goodbye to single income】

Elven World includes four major economic systems: ‘revenue aggregator, dual currency model, NFT, and Mysterious Crystal (blind box)’, as well as four game systems: game, trading, auxiliary, and social interaction. Through these settings, players can realize “play-to-earn” and earn income easily through battles, mining, world leader board, world BOSS, etc. in the game. Outside the game, they can sell their NFT props or game rewards on the market to make money, and they can also earn additional income through wide variety of channels such as staking, liquidity mining, and providing trading pair liquidity to revenue aggregators. Players can also establish their own game guilds, make friends or form alliances through powerful social networks, form benign interactions, gain from value multiplication, and make money while playing.

The officials will hold various events regularly and update the achievement system. Participants will have the opportunity to obtain Elven World Shard (EWS, that is, tokens). With the further improvement of the game's functions, there will be more opportunities to obtain EWS.

In addition, blockchain technology has characteristics of decentralization and tamper-proof. It regards virtual assets in games as cryptocurrency which can be circulated freely across platforms. Elven World uses modern cryptography ECC algorithm (Elliptic curve cryptography) to ensure the security of assets, which has a high degree of encryption security. Users are able to enjoy the fun of play-to-earn in GameFi without worries.

【Why the Elven World?】

Elven World has created a new and fairer business model for the market. With the help of NFT, the full ownership of virtual assets in the game can be realized. Every NFT asset obtained by the player is unique, and importantly, they belong entirely to the player. On the other hand, compared with the traditional game industry, most of the operating income of Elven World will be allocated to players, and this business model is undoubtedly subversive.

Each phase of the Elven World is set to solve the contradiction between inflation and income. When players play the game, they don't have to worry about token inflation, element inflation, and card inflation and so on due to overheating of the market or the influx of too many players in the short term.

Elven World is built on playability with financial attributes. In the subsequent continuous development, more new features will be released, which will promote waves after waves of climax. It is even conceivable that the Elven World will lead the way to the real Metaverse in the future.

【Elven World Activity Preview】

According to the official announcement, Elven World will be starting the airdrops (including random airdrops of 30,000 EWS) in January 2022, followed by Genesis equipment pre-sales. If you are interested in our recent updates, you can follow the official news of Elven World:

Official Webiste:http://cryptoelven.io


Twitter: https://twitter.com/ElvenWorld999


Channel: https://t.me/elvenworldofficial





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