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Eight times the increase! The annual dark horse project CoolMining opens NFT transactions


In the context of the epidemic, unemployment rates have continued to rise globally, especially in developing countries. At the same time, the number of blockchain game users has increased rapidly during the same period. People who have never been exposed to encryption have been exposed to the encryption industry through blockchain games. Chain Games provides a source of life for the unemployed, and new encrypted players build a player base for Chain Games. Since the end of September last year, the number of 7-day active wallets of Lianyou has remained above 1 million, and the number has surpassed that of DeFi users.

At present, we are probably on the eve of the explosion of the chain game track. The popularity of Axie Infinity may only be a snack before the meal. The potential of the chain game track is very huge, and it may even surpass the public chain in the future. At present, there are more than 3 billion game player addresses in the world. GAMEFI combines the advantages of games and blockchain. After integrating the elements of NFT, DEFI, DAO and other blockchains, playing games can not only entertain, but also make money, socialize, collaborate, and create. And so on, it can almost become a mirror world of the real world. With the help of the distributed idea of blockchain to achieve global collaboration, reduce friction costs, and release potential, projects with a market value of trillions in the chain game sector will appear in large numbers in the future, and now the market value of chain game leaders is only tens of billions.

At present, the popular types of chain games mainly include player-versus-player games, card games, development games, mining games, DeFi+GameFi games, etc. Recently, CoolMining, a simulation business game that created innovative gameplay of mining games, announced that it will be launched on May 9. NFT trading market, which means that players can freely trade NFT blind boxes and NFT mining machine accessories in their hands, and players can build new mining machines more efficiently or improve the performance of existing mining machines, greatly improving mining efficiency.

APR income above 1300+%

It is understood that the CoolMining NFT market was launched at the end of April this year. Players can mint a CoolMiner NFT by purchasing CoolPart NFTs. When players build mining machines and mining farms, they will have new computing power certificates and real-time mining through NFTs to obtain real The amount of BTC obtained depends on the quality of the mining machine. According to the information disclosed by an ordinary junior mining machine player in the community, its APR can reach 1300%+.

NFT participation process:

Earn income step1: Purchase basic accessories Purchase 5 basic accessories (Essential CoolPart), and click Confirm (Confirm) After the small fox window pops up, click Confirm to successfully complete the purchase, and you will see the purchase bonus The 5 accessories in the product are divided into three levels: SSR, SR and R, representing different values from high to low.

step2: Purchase optional accessories and then purchase five optional accessories (Elective CoolPart), and click Confirm. After the small fox window pops up, click Confirm, and the purchase is successfully completed. At this time, you will see the purchase discount The 5 accessories in the product are divided into three levels: SSR, SR and R, representing different values from high to low.

step3: Assemble accessories Click the Mining button at the top of the main page and click the Miner Lab in the middle. After entering, you can see that the accessories you own are divided into 4 types to choose from. 4 types of 4 accessories, click the Assemble button above, and click OK in the small fox window. Congratulations, you have successfully obtained your first mining machine NFT (CoolMiner NFT)!

step4: Stake the miner and return to the Miner Lab page. Click on CoolMiner NFTs to view the miners you already own. Click Stake, select the staking time as 90 days, and click Confirm in the small fox window. Click to confirm. Congratulations, you have successfully staked your mining machine (CoolMiner)!

Step 5: Check the earnings Go back to the main page and click the Reward page in the upper right corner to view the earnings you currently have.

The highest eight-fold increase ignites the annual tuyere

CoolMining is the first GAMEFI project in the KUcoin ecosystem, and it is also the first IGO project of KUcoin. In the IGO event in February, its share of US$180,000 was wiped out in seconds. This also made CoolMining temporarily in the market environment of this year's collective outbreak of chain games. Prominent. Then, on April 27th, CoolMining made a heavy log in KUcoin. Once the news was released, the coin price rose by a maximum of eight times, and now it has dropped to six times as the market declined.


The excellent performance of CoolMining depends on the fact that its core team and development members are mainly composed of early bitcoin miners, including the CEOs of North American and European mining. Have mature experience. In terms of external traffic, CoolMining has obtained financing and support from leading exchanges and mining companies such as Bitmain, AntPool, KUcoin, etc. With multiple assistances, CoolMining is moving forward steadily every step, and the ecology is gradually improving.

With the opening of the NFT market, the currency price in the next few days is expected to usher in a new round of market conditions. According to the description of the project party in the community, Coolmining will continue to integrate and update the ecosystem, including games and wallets. , quantitative channels, more pledged currencies and mining machine types, and a series of upstream and downstream entire industry chains, enabling the value circulation of COOHA tokens, interested users can continue to pay attention to the official, and there are still ongoing activities such as airdrops middle.


Telegraph :[https://t.me/coolmining](https://t.me/coolmining)

Official website :[http://coolmining.io/](http://coolmining.io/)

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