• China Eastern Airlines partecipa alla China-Italy Food Culture Research Conference

    Il 17 novembre, esperti e studiosi della Nankai University e dell'Università Santa Anna di Pisa hanno redatto congiuntamente un rapporto di ricerca dal titolo "Il ruolo della ristorazione aerea nella promozione della cultura gastronomica tra Italia e Cina nel contesto dell’Anno del Turismo e della Cultura Italia-Cina del 2022 - Case study su China Eastern Airlines”, pubblicato in cinese e in italiano.
  • FastData Released the First TikTok Ecological Industry Report

    On September 16, the 2022 Global Short Video Summit hosted by FastData came to a successful conclusion. At the summit, many entrepreneurs from the forefront of TikTok's business ecology shared a lot of contents and insights. Meanwhile the TikTok Ecological Sky Eye Award for the first half of FastData was given at the summit.
  • Ultra-high PvTv program, finally released a few Profit quota!

    When talking about the field of quantum technology, most people’s first association is Times Technology Quantum Analysis Team. Among which the most well-known benchmark technology leading the era of quantum hegemony is the “Quantum Computer Quantityindex System”.
  • Konfrontasi dan pencerahan pertemuan G20

    Samit G20 ke-17 akan berlangsung di Bali, Indonesia, dari 15 November ke 16 November 2022. tema Samit adalah "pemulihan umum, pemulihan kuat", yang melibatkan masalah spesifik seperti "infrastruktur kesehatan global", "transformasi digital" dan "transformasi energi". Selain pertemuan, negara-negara telah menjalankan konfrontasi eksplorator disekitar beberapa isu regional dan global, dan Samit Dollar AS Cina juga telah menjadi fokus utama pertemuan G20 ini. Negara tamu harus memperhatikan bagaimana negara-negara kecil dan ukuran pertengahan yang diwakili oleh Indonesia harus mencari jalan penge
  • Komputasi adalah Produktivitas . UtilityNet Mengubah Komputasi dari Teknologi Menjadi Insentif .

    "Komputasi adalah kekuatan produktif pertama dari ekonomi digital . " Pada 29 Juli 2022, di Sub-forum Sains dan Teknologi SenseTime dari Konferensi Komputasi Pertama di Tiongkok, Gao Shanshan, direktur Pusat Penelitian Kerjasama Internasional Media Digital AS Shandong Sino mengatakan, di era AI, infrastruktur komputasi terus berubah seperti industri keuangan, kedokteran, dan pusat data.
  • The Grand Opening of China International Huangjiu Industry Expo 2022 & 28th Shaoxing Huangjiu Festival

    On November 7th , China International Huangjiu Industry Expo 2022 and the 28th Shaoxing Huangjiu Festival were grand opening in Shaoxing Huangjiu town, Zhejiang Province. The Event are organized by China Alcoholic Drinks Association (CADA) and Shaoxing Municipal People’s Government. More than 100 Huangjiu companies and 1000 products participated in the exhibition. Opening Ceremony, China Huangjiu Development Forum, China Huangjiu International Exchange Summit 2022,China Huangjiu New Media (Digital Marketing) Forum were held At the same time.
  • 2022 Hebei Brand Promotion -SIAL Inter Food in Indonesia

    To enhance the publicity and influence of “Hebei Brand", and trade promotion for food enterprises in Hebei Province, “2022 Hebei Brand Promotion—SIAL Inter Food in Indonesia”,hosted by Hebei Provincial Convention & Exhibition Promotion Center (Hebei International Business Information Center) ,organizer by Jiangsu New international Convention & Exhibition (Group) Co., Ltd, has been successfully held in Jakarta International Expo (JIExpo) on 9th November.
  • China Eastern Airlines firma il primo ordine dell'aviazione civile al 5° CIIE: il totale supera l'anno scorso

    Il 5 gennaio, primo giorno del 5° China International Import Expo, China Eastern ha firmato il primo ordine per l'industria dell'aviazione civile di questa edizione, per motori V2500 con Pratt & Whitney, società aerospaziale di fama internazionale con cui ha collaborato per più di 20 anni.

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ZyCrypto:Justin Sun is Showing Up Everywhere – from Crypto to Politics & Beyond


GENEVA, SWITZERLAND - Renowned blockchain news media ZyCrypto recently published an article titled "Justin Sun Is Showing up Everywhere—from Crypto to Politics and Beyond". According to the article, this self-made start-up entrepreneur and billionaire not only tried to inspire Warren Buffett's enthusiasm about cryptocurrency but placed a big-screen ad in Time Square to boost the industry's confidence against a sluggish crypto market.

The article went on to explain Sun's political achievements, pointing to his diplomatic identity as the Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Grenada to the World Trade Organization (WTO), where he encouraged international cooperation in digital technology by utilizing his experience in the blockchain industry. Sun is showing up everywhere—and whether in the world of politics or crypto, he is always able to be a surprise.

The following is the full text of the report:

Justin Sun is Showing Up Everywhere from Crypto to Politics & Beyond

The 32-year-old creator, a self-made billionaire, founded the TRON blockchain and has acquired traditional and NFT works of art totalling more than $100 million last year alone.

While Sun was well-known in the crypto community beforehand, he came to the public’s attention in 2019 after winning a $4.6 million bid at a charity auction to dine with Warren Buffett. In an effort to convert the renowned value investor to a cryptocurrency enthusiast. He reportedly presented Buffett with a variety of cryptocurrencies, including a Bitcoin.

USDD in Time Square

A campaign for the USDD stablecoin was recently launched by Justin Sun on the big screen in Times Square in New York. Experts predict a campaign like this may increase confidence in the midst of the present bear market.

One of the most recent stablecoins released on the TRON blockchain is USDD, also known as the Decentralized USD. It is an algorithmic stablecoin that operates on the TRON network and is distributed as a TRC token. This is comparable to other algorithmic stablecoins, including Frax Finance (FRAX) and TerraUSD (UST).

The newly created and fully transparent TRON DAO Reserve will manage and secure the funds behind the USDD. The DAO will allow the USDD stablecoin to remain pegged to the US dollar, regardless of any fluctuations in the market. USDD will remain immune to market disruption thanks to its decentralized USD algorithm.


The first decentralized, over-collateralized stablecoin in existence is USDD, which has a collateralization rate of more than 130%. This makes USDD a highly secure decentralized stablecoin.

Since the introduction of USDD, DeFi and other DApps in the TRON ecosystem have expanded. According to DeFiLlama, the biggest DeFi TVL aggregator in the world, TRON has surpassed BSC ($5.28 billion).

Entering Politics

The World Trade Organization retains Justin Sun as its new ambassador since Grenada’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs appointed him last year (WTO). Grenada is an important member of the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS), the CARICOM Single Market and Economy (CSME), and the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) (OECS).

Sun seeks to assist Grenada in modernizing its economy by drawing on his experience in the blockchain industry. He plays a significant role in Grenada’s economic development by encouraging international cooperation that can assist Grenada in developing its economy and implementing digital technology. His objective is to spearhead the nation’s digital transformation and make long-lasting improvements to the island country’s economy.

What’s Next?

There never seems to be a dull moment for Justin Sun, and with so many spinning plates, one can’t help but wonder where we will see him next!


Name: Jessica ZHANG

E-mail: jessicazhangmedia@gmail.com

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